Thursday, October 10, 2013

more on retirement

Well a few weeks have passed since the last post and I seem to have fairly easily slipped into being retired!  What have I noticed?  Well I don't seem to rush as much and am not sure how I did what I did especially in September.  I still got a cold (guess I could blame it on volunteering at school).  I have coped with the first torrential rain storms when I wasn't working.  I was so busy I hardly noticed the weather once I was at work!  I still have small household tasks I haven't got around to doing!

I madly blogged about my neighbourhood walks initially on my travel blog but as the weather deteriorated I wrote less but still have a few entries I could be writing.  I am coaching soccer and as always learning as I go!  I read to kindergarten students each Wednesday morning for one friend while she has checks her grade one students' reading as they  Read to Self.  Tuesday mornings I spend at my old school beginning before school with a soccer practice (often in the gym due to rain) and then mainly in a first grade class but have other projects in the works.  As always I admire the work of my former colleagues but see too many gaps in the system!  Thursdays after school are soccer games for the next couple of weeks.  Thursday nights I have begun Spanish 2 and I can assure you there are moments when I think I am way over my head but... I seem to spend an hour or two a day working on the Duolingo app on my iphone to fill in my Spanish gaps (if there had been a test on Spanish 1, I think I would have barely passed!).  After school Fridays I have tried to work in a couple of soccer practices as well.  I went to a couple of classes at the Apple Store and picked up a couple of pointers.  I can't say I have actually done more yoga than previously but I may...  I walk more and still go to my usual fitness classes.

The farthest I have been motivated to travel is Victoria with a friend overnight and that was fun.  Holly
the cat is contented that I am finally staying home!  I have had more time to spend with friends (well those ones not tied down to full time working).  I have taken a little advantage of the Fringe Festival and International Film Festival and have booked a couple of sessions at the Writers' Festival.

It's honestly good!  I have tried not to get to go nuts in the volunteering department.  I feel as if I am already tied down enough with what I am doing.  I want to go to Whistler and am wondering when as it is.  Sometimes the choices seem never ending and it is hard to choose what to do!

I have to really watch how much time I spend on facebook-I found two addicting groups-one of people who take pictures around the world and another for people from the Eastern Townships.  I kid you not. I have fallen in love with my iphone so I am connected everywhere it seems, not that I talk on the phone any more than before though.  I love taking pictures with my iphone.  And then of course I can post them to Facebook.  It's always nice to have people like your pictures...

I am actually happy that I have adjusted because honestly, I was worried a bit I would not!  But I love having more time!  I can go to a bird sanctuary after reading with the kindergarten students.  I loved being able to see a movie on a Wednesday afternoon, especially a movie made from one of my favorite non fiction books, Tracks.  I love having time to have long conversations with friends over coffee!  But I also love being able to see and work still with students.  I don't miss hours of preparation and assessment though.

I am still wondering about living on a retirement income especially with a house that always could use repairs and improvements, and of course I would like to travel as well.  But for now I am really just trying living in the moment... It is a privilege...