Giant Steps Project

Giant Steps to Change the World

Jesse Owens
 Marva Collins
 Ben Carson
 Mother Teresa
 Muhammad Ali
 Harriet Tubman
 Langston Hughes
 Albert Einstein
 Tuskegee Airmen
 Jean-Michel Basquiat
 Barack Obama
 Neil Armstrong

Why is this person famous?
How did they overcome odds against them to succeed?
What challenges did they face?
How did they take a giant step to change the world?
Why do you think you are having to do this project??

Eight groups-each group needs to research one or two?   You need to research your person, present in a unique way to teach us about your person… You should make sure you have several reliable sources.  At this point we expect multimedia projects but please don't waste paper on posters where you glue pictures from the internet.  This is a good opportunity to do a prezi or something new.  Write a poem-do an interview-be creative...
1. focus questions answered
2. Bibliography - three sources of information-print, web, encylopedia properly recorded and in final copy.  Make sure you cite images.
3.  Notes-
4. write up-
5. multimedia-be orginal
6. presentation-eg. eye contact, visuals should illustrate your talk-e.g. don't talk and then show a power point of the same content -do it together, be prepared, be professional!
Due Date ________________________________________