War and Peace Project

War and Peace Newspaper/Magazine      Name ________________________________

You have been asked to create a special newspaper or news magazine for children to give them a better idea of what war means and the importance of peace.

Here are some ideas for articles.  You must have a minimum of five (if you are working alone, ten if two working together etc.).  Assignment is due _______________________

1.     Letter to Anne Frank or Sadako.
2.     My life in Nazi Canada
3.     Interview on what war has meant for him or her with an older parent or someone who has been in a war.
4.     War-today-report on what has happened-make sure you have the facts straight.
5.     Poem-images of war become images of peace
6.     Book report or movie review on a book or movie related of life in war.
7.     Report on a project we could do to help a group like the Red Cross or Doctors Without Borders, UNICEF, or Free the Children
8.     What is the meaning of Remembrance Day?
9.     Key visual or illustration-why is peace important?  You may design a cartoon on the importance of peace or what it means.
10. Report on our school’s Remembrance Day Assembly
11. Short report on a war from the past e.g. First or Second World War, Korean War, Vietnam War, War in Sri Lanka, Iraq, Afghanistan, or present conflicts.
12. Own assignment-check with teacher.
       Yes you can have ads-but be creative-maybe advertise for good things-like     donate to a charity, help with a school fundraiser etc.

Your work should be creative/not boring-use headlines etc.  Spelling should be checked.  Work should be original, not copied.   Neatness counts-try to make it look like a newspaper or news magazine.  Have your work checked.  You can ask some other students in the class who you know are good editors.  

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