Ancient Egypt Project

Ancient Egypt Assignment
Div. 1
January 10, 2013
You are the expert for Ancient Egypt.  You have been invited to a World Conference on Ancient Civilizations.  You will be presenting your topic of Ancient Egypt.  If the World Committee likes your presentation, you will receive a grant of $100,000.00 for further research on your topic. 

Your paper must answer the questions for when, where, who, what why, and how, for your topic.

You must also create a multimedia presentation for your project.  Multimedia means using more than one form of presentation see attached sheet for ideas

         -use of key words and phrases
         -important information

Bibliography—5 marks
         -use at least 2 print resources, 1 encyclopedia resource
                  and 2 web resources

Content—15 marks
         -who, what, where, why are answered
         -focus questions are answered
Multimedia presentation--15 marks
o   Goes with topic
o   Artistic qualities
o   Originality

Presentation—5 marks
-speaker makes eye contact
-expression in voice
-information is understood

Total-- 50 marks

Name_______________   Topic________________________  Due __________________

Ancient Egypt
Project and research
         -famous cities
 2. Egyptian Life
         -daily life





         -sacred rituals


         -stone mason
         -metal worker
         -and others?

 This project developed by A. Wong and M. Kezar
 Some Good websites on Ancient Egypt (linked on Moodle)
This is an excellent resource developed by a teacher
Some great information here from University of Manchester in England
BBC history is always good
British Museum has great resources, games etc on all topics
This is a great resource from the Museum of Civilization in Ottawa
History Channel has lots of resources-here is one example

National Geographic Ancient and Modern Egypt

And check out the ipad app from Encylopedia Britannica on Ancient Egypt

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