Contemporary Canadian artist project

Canadian artists

Pick a contemporary Canadian artist whose work you like –go to the site for examples- then do additional research-wikipedia, Canadian Encyclopedia, the artist’s own website…   You should have at least three sites you have used-and have them in your bibliography-keep everything in a word document.

Do an interview with your artist…
Where were you born etc.?
Where did you grow up?
Why did you become an artist?
What influences your art?
What kind of art do you like to do? 
Do a piece of your own art in the style of this artist. 
Molly Bobek
Where were you born?
Burnaby, B.C
Where did you grow up?
In Burnaby but it was much different then, my mom was a housekeeper for a big estate on Deer Lake.  My father was a patron of Emily Carr and the Group of Seven artists.
Where did you study art?
Vancouver School of Art
Where did you first work as an artist?
I was an artist in the Second World War
That must have been hard?
It was but I met my husband, artist Bruno Bobek
Did you go back to living in Burnaby?
No, I moved with Bruno to New Brunswick and have lived there ever since doing my art, teaching, and raising a family

A piece of art by Molly that I like

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