Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Easing into November

I always hate the first week of November.  Now the time changes back to Standard on November 1 and the fun of Hallowe'en just ended and suddenly it's dark at 5:00.  For Canadians the next "holiday' is Remembrance Day which is not exactly joyous.  Americans have their Thanksgiving it must be a mad panic to Christmas, but at least they have a fun holiday in November.

The leaves are not giving quite as colourful a display anymore and it's too early to want to think of Christmas.  The weather is usually rainy and cold as well, and I wonder why didn't I book a trip somewhere warm and sunny the first week in November.

When I taught report card writing was another thing that spoiled November.

Some people don't like January but by then the days are getting longer and when you live in Vancouver you can see new growth beginning.  I went away in February last year for three weeks and missed my crocuses!  I am planning another trip this spring but feeling a bit sad I probably won't see some of the bulbs I planted in bloom.  So January I can tolerate...

And that is another thing about November, I always end up still planting bulbs and it's cold or damp or both.

I have to ease into November and start to see the positives.  I love craft sales for instance and they are already beginning.  I finally feel inspired to knit again (keep in mind I didn't knit anything for over 40 years until a year and a half ago) and I am honestly enjoying it.  It seems the right thing to do in November.  I also can feel still ahead of the Christmas rush.
 I don't think I like change in some ways.  I like holidays but I am usually late in preparations and then don't want to let them go.  So now in the second week of November I can feel myself easing in, content to stay home this evening and think that maybe a fire in my fireplace would be cozy.

I am going to try to embrace the Danish concept of "Hygge", the idea of welcoming winter and enjoying the "coziness".  Okay, Vancouver doesn't have a very wintry winter but the nights are long and we do have many grey days.  But yesterday, although it  was November, was brilliant and I made sure I took advantage of it.

But now I am going to knit, light a fire, find my Newfoundland socks, watch TV, and look, I even got a blog done!!! And I have a new Elizabeth George mystery waiting for me as well.  And some recipes to read (I might even try making them eventually).

So embrace the darkness and find your favourite afghan to wrap up in.  And maybe I will tell you the time I had two winters in one year...