Ancient Greece Project

Due to your fantastic work at the World Conference on Ancient Civilizations you have been invited to do another presentation.  This time your topic is Ancient Greece.  Again research grants will be available to outstanding presentations. 

Your paper must again answer the questions for when, where, who, what why, and how for your topic. 

We again would like to see a multimedia presentation.  Our attendees want to be informed but not bored.   We had a good variety last time but let’s try to use at least two other means of communicating than just a paper.  We have experts in the group who can teach you how to blog, use glogster, do powerpoints, save on utube safely etc.  Bring on the poetry, models, etc. 

Now how to you present what you have learned?  Here is a guide to a multimedia project
Multimedia Presentation Ideas

  • Written information
  • Music
  • Skits
  • Collages
  • Cartoons
  • Models
  • Overheads, slides
  • Videos
  • Poetry
  • Art
  • Short stories/Journals
  • Computer graphics or web pages
(see Links page on library resources page for web links)
-web cartoons, web poster, blogs…
  • Maps
  • Graphs
  • Tables of statistics

Multimedia means using more than one form of presentation.  For example, in an oral report, you might also show pictures to help your audience understand your main points.

Think about the best way to present each type of information.    Make sure what you show is big enough for people to see!  

Write out all the steps in your presentation. For example, if you are going to show a picture, decide whether you will show the picture first and then talk about it or first talk about the picture and then show it.

Practice, practice, practice!

One of the most fun way to present your information is with a prezi .  Here is the link to make prezi!   You need an e-mail to register for prezi.
If you don't have an e-mail you may want to use power point, that is part of WORD on your computer instead.  You can make an online poster with glogster.  Another fun program is bitstrips.You could do an interview with a famous Ancient Greek or god for instance.  For some other great ideas go to Ms. Wong's library website.  There are also ways to present using the ipad that we have looked at as well such as My Story and Book Creator.

Marking scheme
  1. Notes-10 marks-use key words and phrases
                                 -important information
      2.  Bibliography-5 marks-you should have five sources of information-print, web, encyclopedia and this should be properly recorded –and in final copy (format on moodle)
      3.  Content -15 marks
                       -who, what, where, why are answered
                         focus questions are answered
      4. Multimedia presentation-15 marks
           -goes with topic-connections must be made
            -artistic qualities
     5. Presentation – 5 marks
          -speaker makes eye contact
           -audible (we can easily hear)
           - expression in voice
           -demonstrates understanding and audience can understand
Total 50 marks

Division 1  due , May ___ 2012


Geography-land, rivers, famous cities, oceans

Ancient Greek Life





Festivals and Games


Knowledge and Learning

Time line


War (can choose a particular war)

Or check with Ms. Kezar

Websites that can be helpful

Remember to look at print resources as well!
 Here is a good guide to doing a bibliography

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