Monday, April 14, 2008

Freedom Writers and other ways to change the world...

It pays to read other blogs such as that of our technological savvy teacher-librarian consultant, Moira, because that is how I just found out that Erin Gruwell will be speaking at River Rock Casino on May 14. As you probably know she is the writer of Freedom Writers which was made into a must-see motion picture as well. I really want to hear her and I am sure many of you will want to as well so just go to King David High School's website for additional information and tickets. I hear she is a fantastic speaker.

I also excited to finally have the opportunity to see Barbara Kingsolver, writer and environmental and social activist. I think one of my favorite books is her book of essays, Hide Tide in Tucson. Anyway she is coming to Vancouver on May 29th, thanks to the Vancouver International Writers' Festival. Just go to their website for ticket information.

In doing some unrelated reading I discovered a couple of websites that can help you and your students make a difference. One website is which uses social networking to link potential lenders with individuals in the developing world who require microloans to start or develop their small businesses. Loans are small-as little as $25 and almost all are repaid in full over time.

Another interesting website is which uses internet petitions, email alerts, and online videos to mobilize huge numbers of people in aid of causes such as peace in the middle east and action on climate change. It was co-founded by a Canadian, Ricken Patel.

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