Saturday, September 27, 2008

The week that was...

I have, as I am sure you do, endless lists. This morning I have decided to tackle my neglected blog. I must say it is wonderful to have a long weekend! Maybe I can at least think about buying bulbs! I notice that the date of this blog is incorrect, try October 11th!
In the world of literacy these are busy times. We have been busily trying to get our new service delivery model into operation in our elementary schools, for one thing. Highlights of my week included explaining independence and the daily five and the five R's in a third grade class at Waverley and watching how quickly they "got" it) and a literacy meeting with a dedicated intermediate staff at Cavell. The latter proved that you can have a lot of fun meeting with your colleagues. In order for us to meet, their principal worked with ninety students. They were a bit worried for him but since he was once my students' amazing P.E. teacher I had perfect confidence.
A couple of weeks ago, we launched our first grade seven-high school book study this term on Guiding Readers Through Text (Second Edition) This is a great book actually for teachers grades four to twelve. In that discussion I gave our participants some useful on line resources for classroom teachers.
I will share a couple here. If you would like great lessons from the New York Times at all levels and a variety of subject matters go to this website. Great resources at the National Science Teachers' Association website.
If you need anything to do with Canada some great resources on the Government of Canada website. Another useful website for Canadians is CPAC in the classroom. And our own Vancouver Public Library has a wonderful site to find online resources. For local and Canadian issues in the news you can go to the Vancouver Sun
Looks like a good place to end this blog! Happy researching!


Moira, TL Consultant said...

Vancouver teachers might also want to check with their schools' teacher-librarians to learn about the bank of wonderful online resources available to them through the "webcat" ( -- then click onto the Databases tab) as many electronic resources are purchased for student use at home and at school. These include World Book Online and World Book for Kids, as well as FREE full-version newspapers such as The Vancouver Sun and The Province for our students to use at school and at home!

Thanks for the opportunity to plug the important work our school libraries do to promote an information literate educational community! ME

meredyth kezar said...

Thanks for that good information!