Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Here's to change...

I have to admit I am feeling excited. I tuned into a favorite website, Huffington Post, and discovered that the voters of Dixville Notch, New Hampshire, had voted just after midnight and the verdict was 15 for Obama and 6 for McCain. Dixville Notch is a scenic spot high in the White Mountains just over the border from where I grew up. It's the site of a still surviving grand old hotel called The Balsams which my uncle apparently once thought of buying. I hadn't been there in years until a couple of years ago. It's still rather spectacular. I always remembered in my childhood how the first vote was always there.

This is only the second time they have voted Democrat since 1968 so I think I finally really really believe that Barack Obama is going to be president. Today history is being made in a good way. I'm excited!

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