Thursday, July 30, 2009


Having moved to the tropics without having moved I still feel guilty about my neglected blog. Now of course I actually spent several days on Vancouver Island without my trusty computer and my main goal the last few days has been staying cool. Yesterday we beat all records for heat-33.8 degrees centigrade in Vancouver. Now if you were in Port Alberni where I was last week it was over 40 degrees yesterday. Too strange. Heaven yesterday was being in the Mount Pleasant pool and in Oakridge movie theatre. I think lots of people were spending quality time anywhere that was air conditioned. So strange that much of the year we complain about a lack of sun and now we are suffering from too much! Too lazy to slog down to Kits Point to see the fireworks a friend and I watched from her rooftop deck overlooking Douglas Park and were almost cool. I resorted to buying another fan yesterday partly because Kerrisdale London Drugs actually had some. Normally I never need even one fan on my main floor. Today seems better but that may be because I am sitting here in a damp bathing suit. Hope you are finding your own cool solutions! I am enclosing a cool picture from Salt Spring. Stay tuned for the West Coast of Vancouver Island...

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