Thursday, April 15, 2010

Now I can't stop singing

For the past few days we have been immersed in putting together a musical entitled Up the Watershed.  It is quite exciting as the kids at our school have never been in a musical before.  For me it's rather nice because of all the musicals I have been involved with this has been the least amount of work!  Now I haven't done math in three days and the bets are off for tomorrow, but my class is having a wonderful time as are all the kids in the school.  So many thanks to my principal, Jim Lattimer, who has taught the songs to all the students as he takes all our students once a week for music, to my talented fellow teacher and wonderful artist, Alison Diesvelt, for coming up with an amazing set and to her class and everyone who contributed to that, and most of all to Holly Arntzen and Kevin Wright for writing the songs and working with our kids.  I think singing songs celebrating the Earth and reminding us of our responsibility to it is making a real impact on the children.  Anyway so much fun, and the music keeps bouncing in my head.  I will upload a picture later!