Saturday, January 29, 2011

a week

What a crazy week but then they all have their moments. First, I had a cold. Secondly, I had to give an after school workshop. And then of course I had to teach...

I haven't given any workshops since I went back to the classroom a year and a half ago. I think I know why. It's a lot of work, especially when you don't get to do any of the preparation during work time. Monday, although I had thought my cold was better, I was exhausted at the end of the day (hmm just teaching grade seven can do that to you) so I came home early and went to work on the preparation of a power point to go with my workshop. I thought that would help organize things. That took all evening.

The next day after school my junior girls had a basketball game, then I had to organize and run off the handouts, and of course prepare my own class teaching. I don't think I got home until 7:00. Wednesday I got to give the workshop at my school after school (I also provided the snacks and tea and juice) and then again I had to prepare for my own class so that I made it home again at 7. It was a real relief on Thursday to get to go to yoga after work.

In fact Thursday was a relief to just teach. I don't think I will be doing too many more workshops although it was good to get my thoughts organized re using formative assessment, strategic teaching, and developing a good independent reading to get kids to become better readers.

A great event at school Thursday organized by our incredible teacher-librarian, Alanna, was a Reading Cafe where parents were invited to come along with their children to our library to read and sip hot chocolate. (Note my pictures!)

The Egypt projects are humming along. Needless to say mummies are being created and pyramids being built as well as slide shows, power points, on-line posters through Glogster etc.. All groups finished their first Egyptian novel in literature circles and will be moving onto the next plus their other reading. We had impressive visual journals based on their study.

In science we are studying plate movement and earthquakes and had a lot of fun using sponges as models of divergent and convergent plates and faults. I tell you teaching grade seven gives you a total education. Notice how slowly my science program goes-I keep telling myself we are being thorough!

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