Monday, April 11, 2011

Laughter-let's take a break from literacy as such...

As it seems sometimes usually, this blog was written just over a week ago.

Okay, I admit it I am writing that one report card I didn't do before our break-needless to say it's the difficult one.  I just thought I would take a small breather to think about laughter and guilty pleasures.  Last week at the library I picked up a fast read, Mini Shopaholic by Becky Kinsella.  I have to admit that Bridgit Jones' Diary sent me on a bit of a path of Chic Lit that led me to the Shopaholic series, which definitely has to be a guilty pleasure.  Now I only like certain types of shopping and avoid changing rooms and am not given to designer clothes if I have to try them on,  so not sure about my being drawn to Rebecca and her antics but I found myself laughing out loud as I read this.  And Rebecca may like shopping but she does have a good heart.

I told a friend, who borrowed it, and abandoned it after a few chapters.  I am sure she just thought it was just silly.  And I admit it is, but I think that anything that can make me laugh out loud has to be positive.  I couldn't remember anything that made me laugh out loud as I silently read it recently.  Now my class does laugh out loud, well we all do at times, when I read them Charlie Wilcox.  Again that has got to be a good thing.

Now my second confession has to be about going to the Herman's Hermits concert this week.  In my early teen years I had a  crush on Peter Noone, the lead singer.  At the time he was probably my favorite of all those 60's performers.  I even had a fantasy that I would become a well known reporter and would interview him and he would fall madly in love with me.  I think I missed the part that he got married at 22 and I think he is still married to the same woman.

I have to admit I haven't thought anything much about the group in years until I saw that they were going to be performing at the Red Robinson Theatre in Coquitlam's casino.  I convinced a friend to go and  off we went Friday night.   There was an audience mainly  of Baby Boomers (reliving their, our youths).   Some of these people follow the group-one woman had gone to over 300 concerts.  Unbelievable!!! 

But I have to tell you Donna and I thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and laughed all the way through.  Peter Noone made many jokes about himself, not at all egotistical, and he and the group put on a great show.  Donna wondered why there were still performing, but I kind of think it may be why I am still teaching...
Anyway wishing you much laughter wherever you may find it. 

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