Saturday, May 7, 2011

Is it really May???

 It has been one strange day here from pouring rain to a bit of a let up to snow and hail!   Today was the UBC Perennial Plant Sale and I didn't  know if I was going to be able to handle it!  I have gone for many years and don't remember a really rainy day before.  Mind you, they used to do it on Mother's Day and I don't think it's supposed to rain tomorrow.  After the rain let up I did go and now I have plants but it doesn't really feel like planting time when the yard is a bit flooded and has snow!

This was one of those weeks filled with mainly highs and some lows at work.  Some highs were getting to do poetry with a grade one/two class.  Too much fun... And then my class helped them publish their poetry and that worked like a charm.  Later in the week the my Grade Seven students were able to present their Rome projects to other classes and did a great job.

Wednesday one of my students involved in the Vancouver School Board Mentoring program shared her writing with her family, some of our staff, and her mentor and her mom.  This is a great program and we were all very proud of Meili.

Thursday night I went to Moberly School's 100th anniversary.  I taught at Moberly for 11 years before I went to work at the board.  When I went there it was the school board's largest school with over 800 students.  By the time I left the board after four years the population had dropped about 200 students.  My current school was initially Moberly's annex until a few years ago.

It was a great evening and it was fun to see former colleagues and students.  It amazes me all the memories some of the students have and it's neat when someone tells you that she went into media because of what you said to her in sixth grade.  As I watched and listened to former students at Moberly (and one had even attended in the 1920's)  it struck me of what a good job we do as teachers and how important we are in making memories for our students.

I was at our local high school Friday afternoon for the student orientation where 18 of my 29 students will be attending.  We let them go on their own to this and I met them there.  They seemed so independent though I know this change is exciting yet scary for them as well!

The school year is going fast, too fast as one student said.   I was thinking how great it actually is to keep blogs just to remember some of the highlights!! Now if the snow and rain would go away...

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