Thursday, June 16, 2011

The Stanley Cup Riot

I had my class write about the Wednesday evening this morning.  They had appeared at school yesterday all dressed in Canuck colours and some in Canuck shirts all excited about the game (especially since I had promised them a homework free night long ago if the Canucks won the Stanley Cup).  They gave in today dejected about the loss but far more disappointed by what happened after the game.  They all wrote about it and it was probably, on the whole,some of  the best writing I have seen this year.
As many of you know I have a very multicultural classroom, most of my students' parents have immigrated from other countries, but the pride in their city and the love of their hockey team is strong.  And we had had so many peaceful evenings through the series and last year during the Olympics, this came as a shock to us all.
This is the work of one of my students...

Stanley Cup Chaos

         Wednesday, June 16th, was the final game in the 2011 Stanley Cup Playoffs. The game was to be held in Vancouver to decide the winner of the Stanley Cup; the contending teams were the Boston Bruins and the Vancouver Canucks. Sadly for Vancouver fans, the final score was 4-0, for the Bruins.

         You would have thought that the fans would have just gone home, disappointed but accepting defeat. Many did, but others instead chose to take their anger out on their beautiful city. Things such as cars were set on fire, and many Canuck fans were drunk. It was very hard for police to keep this under control. My grandma actually had friends over for the hockey game who were unable to get home due to the chaos.

         We are all very disappointed and ashamed that our fans would do this. It caused much destruction to our city and made Vancouver look bad. The people who have done this have not displayed good sportsmanship at all.

         Now, people are trying to identify the troublemakers using the photos taken that night, and by using various social networking sited. All I can say is, I hope these people are found and are rightfully punished. If our fans are acting like this, then maybe they never deserved to see a Canucks' victory at all.

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