Friday, July 29, 2011

Lazy Days of Summer-

 I actually found teaching summer school a more positive experience than I initially anticipated. I actually really did enjoy it and thought that it really was beneficial for the students. It really was pure teaching with no interruptions for one thing and we had quite a bit of fun as well. 

But it's a week since I finished teaching summer schools and although I haven't gone anywhere, I feel as if I am in another country.  For one thing the weather has improved!  For another I don't have to go to school every morning!  Summer school ended with a lovely lunch with my colleagues and we noted that for us summer seemed to be just beginning (again our crazy weather contributed to that feeling) instead of as it normally does the last day of June!

I have to admit I have had a busy time since then getting to do early morning beach walks and early morning leisurely coffees with friends.  I finally tackled the garden properly and worked on cleaning up the attic!  I made a big list and have actually checked off quite a few items on it.  Since I am heading back east soon there is a bit of pressure!

I have been dining in all my favorite restaurants-La Tapenade in Steveston, Grub on Main Street, and today thanks to Groupon, a four course lunch at Nu.  I also got to ride the ferry back and forth between the Aquatic Centre and Granville Island. Yesterday it was brunch at Sophie's on Fourth Avenue.  Tonight I'm off to Bard on the Beach.  Tomorrow it's Crescent Beach and tomorrow night is the Harmony Arts Festival in West Vancouver. 
I think the lousy weather and working the first three weeks and having a cold for two of them has made me really appreciate this week as the sun finally shines again in Vancouver...And as much as I can enjoy it, I don't miss teaching one little bit!!!

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