Friday, September 2, 2011

catching up on my eastern trip...the short version...

I finally got to writing about the three weeks I spent back east when I was sitting by a pool at Whistler.  What can I say?

The trip began in Toronto with a visit with friends who live in Peterborough.  This is a friendship that began long ago when Anne and I did our Bachelor of Education degrees at Queen's University, a friendship forged in classes and in practicums and one that has lasted almost forty years (how scary is that?) .  Great fun seeing Anne and Barrie and their grown kids and new grandchild.  Then I met a good friend, Mary, at the McMichael Gallery where she  once worked.  It was fun to tour it with her and catch up over lunch.  Then I set off to the Niagara Peninsula to visit my cousin and good friend, Janice, and her family.  One highlight was seeing My Fair Lady at the Shaw Festival.

Next I was off to Montreal where I lived for six years to visit my other good Queen's friend, Linda, and we set off on a road trip with  her sister, Carol, and her amazing mom, Lorraine.  It was just a great trip with lots of fun and adventures such as spotting a mother moose and baby on the road coming out of the woods.   I love New Hampshire and Maine and the Maritime provinces and it was great to get some time there with good friends.  As I drove up the Sea to Sky Highway this week,  it was hard to believe that I had been on the Cabot Trail in Cape Breton looking at the Atlantic Ocean  two weeks ago.

Back in Montreal I again had time to catch up with friends and relatives and get to spend time in some favorite places.  Having seen Montreal's current traffic situation I am not sure Vancouverites should be complaining too much.

I have been back a week and it's been busy partly due to my seemingly never ending birthday celebrations.  It's also been stressful getting a diagnosis that my house probably  needs to be rewired.  The joys of older homes.  I can't believe that next week at this time I will be back at work and of course, I keep saying this is the last year!!! Summer is ending-dark at 9:00! 

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