Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Ancient Egypt

Well I am always a bit behind but I thought it might be time to report on the Ancient Egypt projects.  I think Alanna, the famous teacher librarian may have done it with the seventh graders while I had the sixth graders my first year.  I think we did it together the second year.  I think Lois, our next teacher-librarian and former gifted consultant did it with the seventh graders last year, and this year I did it with the class as they had just finished an Early Man project with our teacher-librarian and our library is a busy place. 
The project itself is one of Alanna's and my combined efforts.  She got the great idea of giving a fake check  to the best presenters at the world conference.  I am going to post the project as a page here if you would like to make use of it.

And I will share a few pictures here.  The students presented to the class and each person had to evaluate eight projects (this keeps them tuned in).  I wanted the kids to experience presenting to a whole audience.  They got cut off after five minutes unless it was really interesting!  A couple of days later they were able to present to small groups of students from other classes.

I wish our school had more space to display the great projects that the kids do!  

I also love the variety from models to prezis

And we still do have posters...  This is a multimedia project so the kids are encouraged to try to present in several different forms.  That part they usually love! 

I have to admit that the projects were generally good, they were not necessarily "knocking my socks" off quite the way they did two years ago but I think I have become a bit jaded by their use of technology.  I also don't have quite the extroverts I had in that particular class.  I am pondering. 

Right now we are taking a dip into Ancient India but no really big projects just smaller ones where I am really checking their note taking and referencing.  They had to pick a topic and find ten important facts they learned and reference where they got their information.  We are also back using the text more.  I discovered I needed to review a bit about climate as they compared New Delhi to Kabul.  Anyway also a learning experience in our classroom! 

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