Saturday, May 4, 2013

More on lit circles and ipads and found poetry

I really have to recommend blogging.  Having blogged about literature circles yesterday I think it helped me with them later in the day.  The kids really think that videotaping or orally taping in some cases is really helping them stay focused.  And as I listen to their discussions I can see how these conversations really help their own comprehension as they puzzle out bits of the story.  I also am finding it lovely to have them discover on their own beautiful works such as Where the Red Fern Grows and The View From Saturday.  They occasionally ask me a question e.g. was Where the Red Fern Grows based on a true story? and I quickly do a little research on my ipad and tell her, somewhat,  and tell Arshpreet to check out Wilson Rawls' story on Wikipedia because it is so interesting.  And then I am asked a question about the Great Depression.  I just now found a great link from Jim Trelease with more about this interesting author I am going to share with the kids.

Later in the day, our Community Links teacher was doing a session with them on getting ready for high school.  He gave them a test where they had to determine what kind of learners they were.  The vast
majority reported they were kinesthetic learners.  Somehow that didn't surprise me!

I had been marking their response booklets for Almost Home the night before.  I had taught them how to write to write found poems, turning prose into poetry.  Usually I read a chapter of the book and they listen and write and draw responses but this time I photocopied a copy of the book so that they could highlight their favorite words and phrases to turn them into poetry.  I was struck by Ellie's poem so I simply took a picture of it with my ipad and sent it off to author, Joan Bauer.  Honestly, how did I survive in life before I had my ipad?!  While they were having their literature circle discussions, I heard the sound of mail arriving.  I looked, and there was a response to Ellie's poem from Joan Bauer.  "Oh, Meredyth.  Wow!  That takes my breath away"

And here is Ellie's poem!
I tried to get there
I'll try again
You remember what you told me?
I remember
that you love me very much
that love can be transforming
that it will help you change
like a key that unlocks a door
I'll help you change
I tried to get there 
I'll try again
I promise
I will try

Ellie does want to be a professional writer and illustrator one day so that it is nice to get this kind of mentoring and appreciation.  Darshana was writing in her Reading Response Journal about another Joan Bauer book she is reading and she wrote that she bet Ms. Kezar could be a good author herself so I had encouragement as well!

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