Wednesday, July 3, 2013

the very very last week of teaching...

Hmmm... three thousand miles away it's hard to believe I have only finished teaching last Thursday.  I know I really felt as if I was on a marathon especially as I was leaving basically immediately for Quebec to catch my high school reunion (for another post).  Was I really going to make it through a grad assembly, two all day field trips, the teachers' union dinner party celebration for retiring teachers and another retirement party and still make it on that plane?!  Well I did!

Graduation assembly... our school has a tradition of a graduation assembly where parents and the rest of the school come together to celebrate the completion of eight years of school.  Now some may think this is a bit much but I thought it was quite nice the first year I came and I still enjoy it but it meant a weekend of calligraphy of certificates and torment over who should get what prize etc. Their individual projects were so good that I decided they should present to the rest of the school which they did for the first two periods and that went very well.  They were allowed to go home at 11:30 but there was a problem because the slide show about the graduates somehow never was completed.  It was finally completed by one student's older sister minutes before the assembly!

It was all very touching-and the valedictory speeches were well delivered.  A couple of primary classes left a bit early but some made it to the bitter end.  About half our students had been in our school since kindergarten and remembered all the years they had watched this assembly and now it was finally their turn.

Tuesday was our big day going downtown and and exploring, with lunch at the Spaghetti Factory.  All went well except for a silly incident a block from the school on our way back, resulting in one student missing our day at Playland, the local amusement park.  Tuesday night was also the retirement party put on by our teachers' union.  In spite of exhaustion I had an absolutely lovely time.

Wednesday went very well at Playland-no incidents and it was actually quite relaxing for Clara and I, which was good as I had a retirement to attend and washing and packing to do at home.  The retirement was fun and nice to celebrate a wonderful teacher's career.

I couldn't believe when Thursday finally came.  I even got my slide show finished for the final assembly... I was a bit teary eyed when I was presented with a huge hanging basket and later a gift certificate at a garden centre from my staff.  The class was rather quiet-I think Playland wore them out!  We had our traditional picnic in the George Park with our reading buddies.  And then returned to school for the handing out of my "for fun" certificates and report cards.

And finally it was over-with lots of hugs all the kids were out the door released into summer.  There were plans for a water fight in  George Park but quite a few of the boys were back for Open Gym as they said there were a lot of girls and they were dangerous!

I carted with help, the huge hanging plant the staff had given me etc. and spent a  few very busy hours before it was time for the red eye special!

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