Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Looking back at 2013

I try to figure out how I have become so far behind in blogging.  I think it may have something to do with Facebook where I can give instant observations and get instant feedback.  Writing a blog is a bit lonelier.  It is not easy to comment, you have to remember your password and decipher strange letters so that I don't get many comments which is fine but sometimes you wonder if anyone reads it and then you worry that people do.

I can't honestly believe that 2013 is over.  For me, personally, it was a good year.  I was able to take some interesting trips.  I had a good six months of teaching and retirement turned out to be a much easier adjustment than I thought it would be.

I think one of my greatest gifts was to really have time to find the beauty in my own city.  I have walked many kilometres and taken many pictures finding so much beauty everywhere.  I really have tried to be a tourist in my own town, seeking with fresh eyes...reading in a different way...

I only live a few blocks from Queen Elizabeth Park but honestly, it was not somewhere I spent much time.  I drove by it regularly.  Now I am there at least a couple of times a week.  It was so exciting when we had our first really serious snowfall.   It's an amazing place of natural beauty right in the city. I will never forget finding a heron totally confused perched on the ice in a pond.

Probably once a week I walk along Spanish Banks by the ocean.  It has always been a favourite place but now I am able to spend more time there.  Each time I go I notice the changes and I really have generally found the beauty in each season. When the leaves went, I could appreciate the good "bones" of the trees and so much easier to see the sky.

I also have really grown to appreciate my neighbourhood.  I love all the nooks and crannies in the older section.  I love how people get into decorating first for Halloween and then for Christmas.  I am impressed by how many people make efforts as well with gardening.

I really feared dark rainy days-at school I was usually too busy to worry about the weather.  And when the time changed that first week I found difficult.  But I just started getting out early.  I became a chaser of sunrises.  I joined a group of people from all over the world who like to take photographs and one woman is an early bird who lives in Ottawa.  She really inspired me to get out and look to see if the moon was still out or what the sunset would be like.  Also this site has provided a place to put some of my many photographs and know that they would be appreciated.  I have always loved taking pictures and now I really have had the time to really focus on this.

Looking back at my last entry about retirement I said that there was still things I hadn't "gotten to".  Well I did have to clean out the attic some to get to my Christmas decorations that for once  were up fairly early.There are many more things I still need to do  but always have to figure out which are most important!

I really have had no trouble keeping busy!  And I finished Spanish 2, and I learned how to make wreaths! This is a yearly project at the UBC botanical gardens where they are sold in the gift shop.  It was fascinating though I wasn't very speedy but I was pleased with the results.

I have kept my connection with school-still volunteering but spending the most time with first graders, always favourites of mine but for the last four years I have taught seventh graders so this has been a change and one I have enjoyed.  I went to some great performances at school in December and my respect for teachers just increases.  I still love to be around children, but do love being able to leave early with no marking!

There really is a huge world out here and it is fun to be part of it!  Happy 2014!

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You bring color into life with your wonderful photos.