Saturday, March 7, 2009

One week before March break but who is counting?

Weekend vow-upload photos! My cubicle and house seem to have a resemblance-stacks of books! We may be in a digital age but there sure are still lots of books! Again a diverse week for for me from more fun with grade ones and twos to session two of Literacy 103 for high school teachers. This was the week that many of the education centre staff began their 10000 step challenge so that you kept running into people in the stairwell. I also must thank Maple Grove for continually seeming to feed me yesterday from a lunch meeting with the intermediate staff to a lovely social after school to celebrate that report cards had been finished and handed out. It's a classy place!
I had meant to spend a period in Chris's grade four/five but ended up there all afternoon. It's been interesting as I am working on the Daily Five (first three-read to self, read to another, independent writing) and R5 (read and relax, reflect and respond, rap 1, rap 2) in both her class and in Dana's grade four at Moberly so that it is interesting to compare and contrast. All of us have found using these strategies really effective and have been able to make interesting observations about the students and use this information to plan next steps... formative assessment in motion.
My next blog is going to talk about some professional books I have been reading but I have discovered a new useful blog from Stenhouse. There also seems to be a movement to have Poetry Friday so this is a good source of poems for this as well.
I have just found a fascinating blog, always learning, thanks to Choice Literacy that I am going to start checking regularly. It's put together by a young woman who teaches at an international school in Thailand. It's all about teaching technology and it's great. I have been just watching the best videos about technological change. Check it out!


Honey Halpern said...

Hi Meredyth, Finally got to read your blog. It's a great way to keep in touch. What's Literacy 103?

meredyth kezar said...

Literacy 103 is a three part series I started this year for high school teachers looking at reading, writing, and oral language. As our "text" we are using Janet Allen's Tools for Teaching Content Literacy. We also offer Literacy 101 for primary and Literacy 102 for intermediate teachers-they have more sessions.