Saturday, February 28, 2009

night sky

I wished I had a really good camera last night-well I do but who knows where the film? Then I would have had to find the tripod but my trusty little digital camera wouldn't have been able to do last night's large sliver of a moon justice. Oh well. And while we are on that subject I need to upload my latest pictures. And where was my camera when the grade one's were composing poetry? Lost Kodak moments but good thing, I can visualize!
Hmm... bits and pieces. Aaron's class at Cavell made a profit of over 300 dollars at their Peace Carnival on parent teacher night ready to donate to two worthy causes.
I spent a lot of time in classes at False Creek, Maple Grove and Waverley this week. Highlights-False Creek grade ones tackling poetry. This was a first for their teacher, Patty, and me. I mean we have shared poetry with grade one's but neither of us had ever actually tried letting them write poetry and it was very free form but I think they even understood assonance. And they had a great time poetry slamming. Too fun! Rachel's grade ones at Waverley amazed me with their factual paragraphs on penguins. Wow!
Then there were the David's grade seven's at False Creek. I have to say one never knows with grade seven's but this was an enthusiastic group who enjoyed the picture book Terrific and were totally into dialogue writing and asked when I was coming back. That doesn't always happen! I ended my "teaching week" with Chris' grade fours at Maple Grove working on the Daily Five (three) and R5 and I didn't want to leave.
One of the privileges of this job has been being invited into the classrooms of so many wonderful and dedicated teachers and being allowed to get my kid fix and trying out what I read about.
Speaking of penguins, I am hoping to host soon an after school workshop with Ashley Spires, author and illustrator of Penguin and Cupcake with an emphasis on how to do illustration and collage.
Yes, I had winners who proved they had read my blog. Special prize to Moira, our teacher-librarian consultant (I hadn't disqualified consultants) and to Sarah who teaches at Moberly.

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