Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Good Choice!

Earlier this week I had lunch with my friend, Diane, from my days on the multiliteracies project. My computer skills then were very much limited to e-mail and some researching. I only had dial up internet at home! This position has definitely upped the ante, but Diane and I have had an ongoing discussion of the possibilities and limitations of the internet. Thinking more, blogging is a way for me to clarify my thinking and share my reading... Reading my friend, Pavan's blog, reminds me of the enjoyment of receiving a letter from a friend. Facebook provides an opportunity for me to get a glimpse into younger cousins' lives thousands of miles away. I think it's interesting how the internet has found different paths for us to connect through (imagine) reading and writing.
But then there really is the joy of reading a book and this morning I have been having a bit of a conversation with Tony Stead. His words speak to me and I think and connect. Again I thought I was quite an avid reader until I became a consultant and now often feel overwhelmed with there never ending richness of professional books out there.
This is his latest book, Good Choice! Supporting Independent Reading and Response k-6. Lately I have been doing lots of demonstration lessons on the use of the Daily Five (Daily Two) and R5. One concept that I have been dealing with lots is that of students knowing what a Just Right book is and choosing them for independent reading.
I look back at my teaching and wonder why I didn't always insure that all my grade six students had books that they really could read at the right level and wanted to read for silent reading.
I digress. This is a great book really looking deeply at how we can support independent reading and response. Just so many great ideas and interesting anecdotes. I love the list of websites (page 83) he provides that are kid friendly for research purposes. And best, Stenhouse is letting you read all their new books free online (that includes Pembroke books as well). Part of me loves the feel of a book in my hands but what a great way to preview text. The Daily Five sisters have a new book as well I see...
I am giving away a free surprise book to the next VSB teacher who proves they read my blog. Could it be you?


Moira Ekdahl said...

How did your day go at Killarney? I await your blog/update. Also, I read the blog ... has anyone else provided evidence yet?

meredyth kezar said...

One of my friends said I was prejudiced to vsb readers and now I realize I didn't disqualify my fellow consultants so of course, you are a winner, Moira, but any vsb teacher (not consultant) you can be a winner too!

Deborah said...

Hi Meredyth - thanks for previewing books for us. It's VERY helpful especially when time is tight. I have a friend who used to work for the EU as a translator. He would cut out the best newspaper articles for his wife to read and then they would have great discussions around them. It works! Thanks!