Sunday, February 22, 2009

Literacy Day and the Peace Carnival

I have to say it was so nice this morning knowing my most pressing thing to do was make chili to have friends over to watch the Oscars. And by the way if you haven't seen Milk, I recommend it. I know it will be in my mind as we honour Pink Day this Wednesday.

Literacy Day-well Thursday when we arrived and discovered we literally had to haul all the tables and 100 chairs to where they were supposed to be not where VSB Stores had dropped them I was reminded that the best laid plans can go awry. To all conference planners, from my experience just face the fact that something will go wrong at some point, and you just have to deal with it not too grumpily. Hauling chairs is rather minor. And anyone who wants to become a consultant, a little weight lifting in anticipation is recommended.

Other than that, I think Literacy Day was an unqualified success. Over 700 teachers and teacher candidates had a great time. At least no one complained to me and there were lots of compliments. Our hosts from Killarney were wonderful. Our tech, Linda, phenomenal. The refreshments were excellent and plentiful. Our presenters were awesome. Linda Kaser,former Vancouver student and teacher before she went on to a varied and distinguished career as consultant, administrator, and now U Vic assistant professor and co-leader of the Network of Performance Based Schools, really clearly explained assessment for and as learning. From book making to writing to drama to reading strategies to fluency, our participants had a varied and stimulating day as well as managing a bit of shopping. Thanks to all our dedicated professionals who attended and participated.

Yesterday was the Peace Carnival at Once Upon a Huckleberry. We were so sad that Michelle Mulder who was unable to join us due to being hospitalized due to pregnancy complications, but the staff at Once Upon a Huckleberry carried on and for me, it was fun, as so many of my friends kept appearing! Kids snuggled in to listen to Emilie read chapters from Yenny and the Peace Carnival. Irma, my friend from Columbia was there to fill in some of the background. The artwork from the fourth and fifth graders at Cavell was just beautiful.

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