Thursday, June 18, 2009

Someday I will be efficient...

Just wanted to know that $500 later my computer is back plus all the data! Now I am still contemplating a new computer but I am quite excited to have my old friend back.
I took a break from packing and organizing to spend some time with a favorite grade five class at Queen Elizabeth. I read them a new (to me) wonderful picture book, Someday, by Eileen Spinelli, illustrated by Rosie Winstead. The book describes what the girl would like to be doing someday and then it brings her back to the reality of what she is doing today.
For instance, someday she would like to be an oceanographer swimming with dolphins but right now she has to be contented with looking at her uncommunicative gold fish in a bowl. She would like to dine with the president but is stuck with her little brother who is rather lacking in table manners. The detail of her dreams of the future are great as is the contrast to the future but the book comes to a lovely end proving there are good things today. I read this book and that other favorite, When Dinosaurs Came with Everything, and then let the kids write whatever they wanted. I wrote along with them after I told them how I used to fantasize about my Academy Award (I am still waiting). They did a great job. One young lady is just such a natural rhymer it's unbelievable. Other children were able to quickly pick up the idea and do great connections between someday and today, much better than my attempts! Ah... the sweet power of teaching when students reach beyond your wildest expectations.
Okay, here is one of the young writers' work.

"Someday I will sky-dive off the CN tower with my pink superman costume and when I land all the CBC news people will ask me how it felt to fly like Superman.

Today I'm jumping off my picnic table with my piggy pyjamas on and my teddy bear named Sprinkle.

Someday I will be the first kid to fly to the moon and eat it. Mmmm... all that yummy cheese melting in my mouth. Then an alien would come up to me and ask how it tastes. I would say it tastes wonderful!

Today I'm in my summer dress eating cold cheese out of the fridge with my dog Buddy begging for some.

Someday I will jump off a 50m high jumping board in the deep blue sea with goldfish at the surface trying to nip my little toes.

Today I'm trying to jump off a 2cm jumping board with my arm floaties with picture of tiny fish."

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