Monday, September 14, 2009

Nancy and Peter bring Dormia to Vancouver

It was a good day at school today. We didn't have to reorganize and I finally got my new class! But best of all, Peter and Nancy Kujawinski came to visit us. What a way to start a year! In Friday's post I told a bit about Dormia and invited you to visit the website. And then I told you I previewed the book with four classes and the kids really liked the story. Today we had a magical afternoon with co-author Peter and his wife musician, Nancy. Peter in his quiet way mesmerized the students. He is a born story teller showing them how one can use one's own life and experience to develop fantasy. Nancy played and sang the Dormia National Anthem (which you can find in the back of the book) and my class definitely wants me to buy her CD now. Both of them patiently signed autographs. There was a absolute fascination by both sets of sixty students who were there. We were all excited to hear that Peter and Jake have already written a sequel to Dormia and are at work on the third in the trilogy. Peter is on sabbatical from being a diplomat for a year so that they are traveling and he is writing as they await the birth of their first child. I had invited a couple of friends to attend the reading and they both have ordered books. It was also great having Moira, a teacher librarian consultant visit as well. I totally recommend this book to all and feel so privileged to meet Nancy and Peter and have them as our first guests!

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