Friday, September 4, 2009

Write to Learn Science

A couple of years ago I discovered the the National Science Teachers' Associations website
There you can find great resources and links. For instance they have lists of great picture books to teach science.

I wouldn't say Science is my strong point, but I value it. Once again after a lapse of many years it looks as if I will be teaching Science this year in the six/seven class. As I said in an earlier post I find myself reading professional materials differently as instead of thinking how I get these ideas to teachers I think how can I use them in my own classroom.

How to Write to Learn Science 2nd Edition is written by Bob Tierney (a now retired high school science teacher as well as a teacher and consultant with the National Writing Project) with a section on portfolio assessment by another science teacher involved with the Naitonal Writing Project, John Dorroh. By hitting the link you can even read the first chapter online free.

I have long been a believer in writing to learn and this easy to read book has great ideas and samples. I think one of the things I really want to focus on in science is having my students understand process and being able to think like a scientist. I like how in this book he advocates using a variety of writing assignments to help students build confidence and see science as relevant to their own lives. Many of his great ideas go across the curriculum.

I totally recommend this book to all science teachers grades seven to twelve! In high school, science teachers are of course unlike me science specialists and this book has so many good ideas on how to build writing with little pain into the curriculum.

I am actually feeling after reading this book, excited about the challenge ahead of me.

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Super Busy said...

Okay, I'll take alook at this. Maybe the VPL has a copy of it. Sounds interesting!