Friday, October 16, 2009

True Confessions and Guilty Pleasures...

Okay!  It has finally happened.  I am reading Twilight.  I have resisted it for a couple of years.  I am not a vampire fan in the least but a friend decided I needed to be in the know and lent me a copy and then another friend told me she had read it and I had to read it.  And I have to say I am looking forward to curling up with the story .  You have to know that my tastes are rather eclectic.

As I look out the window into the rain I kind of imagine Edward and his family playing thunder ball in the far distance.  And poor Bella !  I mean-really having to move to that rainy Forks from sunny Phoenix.  I guess we know why they filmed the movies in Vancouver.

That Stephanie Meyers has a way of making those vampires awfully believable.

I like to share my reading with my class and I think they are finding this more interesting than me trying to explain Michael Ondaatje's Divisario.  For one thing, some of them have read the book and most of them have seen the movie unlike their teacher.  I guess that is next.

Just had a reading response discussion on myths and legends as one of my students is enthusiastically reading a collection of Greek myths and legends.  The vampire phenomenon is perhaps a modern desire for those explanation of why the world is the way it is.  We are drawn it seems to those stories of bigger worlds and supernatural powers.

Last year one of my teacher friends was concerned that her seventh graders were reading the series.  Apparently the next ones are a bit more racy than this one.  I said if you aren't comfortable with them reading it in class just tell them.  What they read at home is up to their parents' approval. 
Even now I guess I wouldn't say this is a great book you should read, but in my current situation I am happy to have them reading almost anything enthusiastically.  I can't see my boys being too enthralled with the romantic bits of the book so doubt that will be an issue.  One of my girls just read a biography of a wrestler but she wrote about it well and she's opening my eyes to another world which I guess is what literature discussion should be. 

Should Bella really be involved with Edward, or should she move far far away somewhere really crowded and sunny?  Is her fate sealed?
According to TV's Vampire Diaries, Stephanie Meyers got Vampires all wrong anyway.  Isn't that a cause for some research??? 

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