Wednesday, October 28, 2009

What I have been reading lately

I am becoming a Monique Polak fan.  I just finished The Middle of Everywhere, a YA novel about a boy from Montreal who goes to spend a term with his dad who is teaching in a community in the far northern region of Quebec.  Needless to say it isn't an easy adjustment for Noah but this novel takes place during his eventful first week in George River.  Not having been to the Arctic I can't vouch for its authenticity but I think it gives a good picture, being realistic yet optimistic.  Also I like how Noah is able to forge a better relationship with his father and himself.

For the younger set (8-11)  there is a new book by Michelle Mulder entitled After Peaches.  Michelle has a knack for making social issues understandable for this age level without being "preachy".  In her last book she wrote about the children's peace movement in Columbia and in this one we learn about the life of a Mexican refugee family and about the situation of migrant workers.  Again I am curious what my class will think of this book.  Many of them have had parents who have actually worked in the fields when they emigrated to British Columbia.  Not easy work but Michelle focuses on how children find the positive and also how social change can occur with their help.


Monique P said...

Hi Meredyth, I should be working on my new book... but I have to admit, I just Googled myself and well, I found your site and read, "I am becoming a Monique Polak fan." Just wanted to say how wonderful! Also, thanks to you, I now have the zing to get back to my writing project. Glad I found your blog. I'm also a teacher and you sound like fun. And about the 1976 Olympics: I had a job that summer at the Ritz Carlton newsstand and guess what? I got to walk over to Ogilvy's with Mark Spitz. Have a great day. Happy reading and thanks for the boost!!! Monique Polak

meredyth kezar said...

How lovely to hear from you! I remember the Ritz Carlton well. A friend took me for lunch just before I moved to Vancouver in 1980!
Wow! Mark Spitz! Your books are definitely being well read around my classroom! And I am thrilled that you got the zing to get back into your latest writing project. I seem to have enough difficulty updating this blog as well as the one I do with my class so can sympathize with difficulties keeping on writing a book! Thanks so much for commenting!