Saturday, July 31, 2010

Favourite Summer pursuits in Vancouver

I think I have definitely moved into lazy summer mode.  Last night a friend inspired me to work on cleaning out my office-a never ended process it seems.  Let's face it those thousands of slides overwhelm me just looking at the boxes!  And then I look at all the educational books that I have only thumbed through... and half done projects... but last night a few things did get put in boxes to give away or throw.  And my sense of urgency did get kick started...

I just thought today I would talk about things I love about summer in Vancouver.  First of all the weather-it's been absolutely perfect-warm days and cool mornings and evenings.  I love early mornings when I can go out barefoot onto my deck, check out my flowers, do a bit of watering, and visit with Holly the cat who who thinks the deck furniture is just for her or to share with a friend or two.  Some mornings I go to Granville Island, take my coffee and muffin and read the paper as I look at the action on False Creek.  The other morning I took my bike and checked out the new pool complex in the new community centre at Hillcrest Park.  I have been mourning the loss of our outdoor pool that was just a few blocks away at the old Mount Pleasant Community Centre that I used regularly in past summers, but I have to admit the new pool is beautiful and you can see outside!  It opens today so I definitely am going to use it sometime this weekend.

I love not having to rush to school!  I have to admit a friend had organized an interesting sounding seminar that started at 7:00 am downtown and I have to admit I just couldn't do it.

That reminds me.  I love Canada Line- a five minute walk away it can take me downtown or the airport in minutes and you only ever have to wait a couple of minutes.  It's amazing.  Okay I admit I have only taken it once this summer but I love having it here.  I think it reminds me of fun times in Montreal in my twenties for one thing.  Building its path was a nightmare but now that it is here...

Summer-I love walking along Spanish Banks-best in the morning or early evening.  I also love dining on the patio deck at Jericho Beach Sailing Club-wonderful view and the minute the weather begins looking like it might be summer I try to head down there.

In the summer I love to dine where there is an ocean view - other favorites have to be Monk McQueen's Oyster Bar and Steveston's Tapenade Bistro.  Just being there makes me think summer.
Steveston is a place I have always loved-I first started going there long ago and have watched the changes and developments because I am not the only one who finds it charming so now it's a tourist mecca with a lot of newer housing.  Honestly I have to stop with the restaurant guides but I love the charm for lunch of Cannery Row any time of the year.

Then there is Bard on the Beach.  A couple of weeks ago partly by chance and partly by plan I went to Antony and Cleopatra and to Henry V the same week.  The setting is magical and from the big tent you can see the sun set over English Bay.  After Henry the Fifth, which I thoroughly enjoyed, I walked with a friend back to her place just before Granville Island.  It was beautiful with all the boats lit up along the path.

Maybe I should end this here-note this doesn't really link too well perhaps to Later Literacy but we tell our students to write about what they know and love so...  Stay tuned for more favorites...I mean we haven't even discussed prowling farmers' markets, baking with berries, canoing with beavers etc.

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