Monday, July 19, 2010

Into summer

Hmm... summer.  Well as you can see blogging has fallen behind and that is probably okay.  I can't believe how fast time has actually gone!  I haven't gone very far afield.  I spent a couple of days in Whistler the week after school ended where I saw not one but two different bear cubs in the not very wild.   Other than that it's been quality time in Vancouver, a rather lovely place to be in the summer.

The first few days of the holiday were not good weather wise-felt like winter but then suddenly we had a mini-heatwave and then it settled into perfect weather-sun but not too hot.  Every morning is a gift it seems.  I love looking into the garden when I first get up (or not) and seeing blue sky.

I have been doing lots of reading, most of it very non serious.  I just finished the latest Elizabeth George mystery, The Body of Death.  I followed it up with another novel by another favorite mystery writer and I just couldn't get into it I think because Elizabeth George is such a beautiful writer it didn't bear well on the other book so I put it aside.  If you haven't read her Thomas Lynley series, I totally recommend them to all mystery lovers.

Currently I am on The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin, a book I picked off the shelf of the library, vaguely aware it was one of The Books of the year (Oprah stamp of approval).  I am actually really enjoying it and finding it quite motivating as I engage in the usual summer activities of trying to clean things out and trying to get a few projects begun and finished.  I am also thinking back to my teaching year and thinking what I want to change next year.  Several years ago one of my friends noted that people seemed to be always studying depression but not happiness, which she thought would be more productive, and it seemed as soon as she said that I started seeing research on happiness.

I thinking if I make these entries short there is a better chance of getting them up!  That will, of course, make me feel happier!

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