Saturday, March 5, 2011

Canada Reads

Well I completed my fifth Canada Reads selection, Essex County by Jeff Lemire. It was really different, being three interconnected  graphic novels, about a individuals living in a farming area in Southwestern Ontario. It also had lots to say about relationships  and quite a bit about hockey.  I did feel a definite connection having lived on the family farm until I was eight and having a childhood where Hockey Night in Canada was a fixture (although of course I was a Habs fan).  I have to say although it was a black and white graphic novel I loved it.  That seems to imply if it's graphic I like colour. Hmm...

To be honest I haven't read many graphic novels and mainly those aimed at younger readers!  I have gone to a couple of excellent workshops on them and it seemed to be that Jeff has mastered the craft.  I found the stories haunting, sometimes heartbreaking but infused with a warmth and credibility.  Just thinking that this might be an interesting book to look at with senior high school students.
So my conclusion, all of the Canada Reads selections were excellent.  Not a harsh critic am I?  And again thanks to North by Northwest book club for the prizes!  There is nothing I like better than books, except free ones!!!

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