Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Every week should have a highlight...

I think the neatest thing last week was my class and its bake sales.  Well none of the basketball teams lost a game either so that was probably more of  a highlight for them!!!  And then there were the Egypt projects being shared with other classes but back to the bake sale.
In earlier blogs I mentioned Honey Halpern's volunteer work in Uganda at the Stand Tall Primary School in Uganda and then how she came on her return to talk about her experiences there to my class.  Last week my class Students' Council did some organizing and three days of bake sales took place.  The result was $124 was raised.  Since then I have had several great e-mail conversations with Nicole who is involved with the school about how the money will be spent.  I was also able to share our class blog and a fascinating video about the use of kids and computers.  There are times when the speed of the internet is wonderful.  I am going to share a couple of pictures of the kids in Uganda and our kids today.

In case you didn't gather, mine are the ones not in uniform!  I can't help but think how neat it is that my children, almost all of whom, have parents who came to Canada from all over the world, now reach out to the world.   (Display of fabric art that kids did with their clever art teacher-not me...)

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