Monday, February 21, 2011

Ancient Egypt and more...

Well I am trying a new layout. I liked my old one but thought it was time for a change after I had been having fun redesigning my twitter background. What can I say?

Well the Egypt projects were a raging success! They amazed my faithful teacher-librarian and myself. Most of my students had a thorough understanding of the subjects they had chosen and had made the material their own. Students presented their projects in several ways from powerpoints to glogster posters to regular posters to three dimensional models to talk shows to letters written in hieroglyphics to mummified chickens (let's not go there). My weakest students did amazingly well. They are presenting them again this week so that other classes can see their work.
We are in our final round of Egyptian lit circles. Lit circles have been such a hit we are going to keep going, moving into new novel sets. What is gratifying is that they keep reading other novels as well. When people get groaning and moaning about students not reading being too busy texting etc. I just think of how much my kids love to read. Now this is a class of 17 boys and 12 girls, and very active boys at that but they are all totally connected to reading.
Other excitement this week has been a bake sale taking place to raise money for Stand Tall Education. A friend of mine was the first volunteer at this school started by a Vancouverite and shared her experience with my students who wanted to help. 61 dollars already raised today and I can honestly say I did nothing.

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