Saturday, September 10, 2011

A New Class

So many of my friends are happily retiring I think they think I am just a little crazy as once again I am back in the classroom.  My favorite time of the school year is the first few days.  I love setting up the classroom.  I have to admit my classroom set up is a bit different as I actually leave up the last year's class's work as I like my students to see where I want them to go.  I also don't really like blank walls!

I love all the new supplies.  I know the students love all those new books and pencils as well.  We put together my list of suggestions as well for extra supplies such as dictionaries and calculators and keep adding as we think of things.  For instance, I hate the sound of pencil sharpeners so that I like them to have their own hand ones.  I do get pencils sharpened on the electric sharpener in the office as well.

Last year was easy because I had ten students from the year before who all knew my routines and reminded me when I forgot plus another ten I had taught French.  This year though all my students are new and so everything is basically  a fresh slate.  I have 26 students to get to know and discover.

Last year I had all grade sevens but this year I have a split six/seven.  Splits are definitely more challenging but I love grade sixes.  It really is my favorite year-the last real year of childhood and the year when somehow they begin to really be aware of the world around them.  And now I have a much better awareness of Grade Seven and I have hit all those Ancient Civilizations and understand all that "getting ready" for high school involves.

I kind of fall in love with a new class.  The first few days are definitely the honeymoon phase.  There is all the fun of discovering these new students and they are usually trying to make a good impression.  They are excited to be back with their friends and in a new environment.  The grade sixes now get to be on more school teams and the grade sevens have finally reached that senior student status.  This age level is so enthusiastic.  One reason they tell me they want to be in my class is that they get to do lots of projects.  Another tells me that she has heard that students who aren't that good students become really good students.  Needless to say I like that comment.

Anyway it's day one with my new class.  We will see how I feel at the end of next week.  And just wait until I start trying the juggle the math, the science and social studies with two grade levels and meet the needs of  kids at many varying levels but until then let me just enjoy the moments...


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