Monday, April 9, 2012

Back from holidays in Florida...

It's been two weeks back in the classroom after a very nice spring break, much of which I spent in Florida.  It was great to get away!  Having been on strike three days the last week of teaching and not coming to any satisfactory ending or hope from our government it was great to escape.  The trip had three phases-a couple of days at the lovely Inn at Cocoa Beach and a great time visiting The Kennedy Space Centre and an opportunity to look at gorgeous sunsets, walk in the sand etc.

Next stop was a couple of days right in the World of Disney and a jammed packed time visiting the four main parks.  It's kind of like stepping back into a childhood where my ambition was to be a Mouseketeer!  I hadn't been to Disneyland in many years and had only been to Disney World really when the other parks were not there. 

I loved Epcot and could have spent several days there!  It was fun staying right in the complex so that we could actually just take a boat to Epcot and Hollywood Studios from believe it or not, the Swan Hotel.

Then we drove north up to the Florida Panhandle and discovered a new area to me, one with turquoise waters and beautiful sandy beaches.  There is nothing quite like Florida evenings and it's been awhile since I played in big waves.  Several times my first week back I had wistful thoughts of enjoying the sun by the pool  at Club Intrawest, Sandestin.

It was not a great break here though I did bring a few days of sunshine back with me although the temperature was quite a bit cooler.  And the first  week back  it rained every day it seemed.  But since then we have had quite a lovely Easter weekend.  Signs of spring are everywhere in Vancouver-beautiful cherry blossoms, daffodils galore, magnolias coming into bloom.  Today, Easter Monday, I feel compelled to catch up on this blog.  I did a more detailed description of my trip in my class blog!

And here's a glimpse of Spring in Vancouver....

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