Saturday, March 10, 2012

Story telling

This is my day to catch up on posts.  Prior to the strike we had done three sessions of storytelling at the lovely Moberly Arts Centre and because of the strike we had to postpone our next session until after the March break.  Our sessions will eventually culminate in the planting in  the herb garden  fiery herbs and participating in Elemental on June 9.

 Each session the students have done exercises to help them with story telling, they have listened to stories and had guest story tellers work with them but a part of each session we have been working on our "story", a very interesting saga of a bear and a scorpion who travel from India to Egypt to Austria to New Jersey and back to India with many adventures and challenges along the way.  Each student has contributed to the story and moved the action forward.  I can't really totally explain how involved the students are in their story and what a sense of community this gives them.  They can hardly wait to return to work with Naomi, our facilitator and storyteller.

At the last session they finished the story and Naomi talked about mapping it-a rough sketch emerged.  When we came back to class the students drew their own  maps  and wrote about the map or their experience with these sessions.  As I looked at their maps I really wanted to share them with you.

I feel very fortunate that these students have been able to have this wonderful experience. Due to our not collecting money as part of our job action, field trips have been almost been almost non-existent this year and all experiences are so enriching to my student' lives.  This experience has really allowed them to tap into their imaginations as well as work together to create magic or fire!

I will quote Alfred...
Day 1
The storytelling session yesterday was fun and interesting.  I did some research on the stone soup story and found out that the version Naomi told us is the French version because of the soldiers.

The gift I am bringing to the next session is my creative imagination.  Ever since I was young I always liked to imagine stuff even in stories.  For me, it is easy to imagine something.
Day 2
The second day was great and I liked the chicken and fox story that Melanie Ray told us.  Melanie was a very good storyteller because she really put lots of detail like the expression and the tone of her voice the character spoke with.  The story we did at the end was funny continuing the bear and scorpion story.
Day 3
Making the third part of the story was very fun because of imagination.  I really want to keep going with the bear and the scorpion story because there could be an adventure anytime.  Naomi is really good at storytelling and I hope to hear another story from her or someone like Melanie again.

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