Sunday, May 27, 2012

Roller Coaster

Not literally, only figuratively...That is what this time of the year often feels like as you go roaring and twisting into the end of the year.  Sometimes you have to just hang on and trust in the process and hope to safely reach the end.

Yesterday we had a great Human Eyes workshop. Neelam talked about how we are like icebergs in that you can't really see 90 % of us.  After the discussion of what you can see etc. , the children wrote on post it notes, "If you could really see me..."  They could choose to put them in a tray to share or they didn't have to and they were anonymous and then each student picked up one to share with the class and then she posted them on the board. 

I am sharing a couple of them here with you.   Later the children wrote wishes for the themselves, their families, and their communities. These could not be material wishes.  They were also rather lovely. 

This series of workshops has been great with a nice combination of active activities as well as activities that have really made them think.  My class doesn't always have the best listening skills but they are always enthusiastic and caring!  I am also been struck by their openness and acceptance in thee workshops. 

Unfortunately, when re returned to our classroom just two doors away my newest student had had her ipod stolen!  I always tell students if they bring devices to school that I am not responsible for them but this child only came from the Philippines a month ago and is living with her mom for the first time in seven years as her mom came here to work and she stayed with her family there.  Her ipod is an important link and "security blanket" for her.  I was quite sure who had taken the ipod but it wasn't until after 3:30 and a session in the principal's office  that the ipod was back and we were sure it was hers and the culprit finally admitted it was as well.  In the craziness of the afternoon, I searched in my head for the silver lining.  It probably won't surprise you that everyone wanted to help. A search team located the ipod case, others tried to track the ipod, worked on clues etc.  And of course I felt like we were on that roller coaster.  We all know that the student who took the ipod has some issues but he is generally very kind, and he may not be trusted but he will be forgiven! 

I have a big field trip to UBC Monday.  Do I take him, leave him, or what?  I am taking him, told him he will have to earn his way to the big day at Playland and put him on garbage duty for the week, and a meeting with our Police Liason Officer is scheduled.  The end of elementary school is hard, a big transition, and if you have to move to a new community away from all your friends it is even more difficult.  I had his sister for two years, a very easy student, and we know his mom does her very best...He also has some serious learning problems.  Sigh...

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