Sunday, June 17, 2012

June Madness

Yes, another week has ended and less than two to go.  I managed to witness the performance by my class of their story of Bear and Scorpion at the Vancouver International Storytelling Festival, write all my report cards, have balloon rockets take off, help with a retirement celebration, live through a Sports Day Carnival,  see the completion of the Choose Your Own Adventure books, go with a few students to the Human Eyes celebration on our Professional Day etc.  etc.

I may just be beyond words at this point.  I still have a zillion things to do before I cart my suitcase on to a plane heading to Spain on July 2nd.

This is a class I will never forget.  And honestly I do remember them all my classes,  but some more clearly than others!  Last year my class astounded me at times with their sheer brilliance and creativity.  But they weren't always easy.  This class isn't always easy either but they just have so much sheer joy in life and  such enthusiasm.  I was so proud of them when they told their story at the festival.  19 out of 28 showed up on a Saturday afternoon and filled in the gaps beautifully for those who were not present...

 I have definitely decided that I am retiring next year.  I better check what I wrote at this time last year!  I said I wasn't ready, I just checked, but this year I think I actually am or will be.  As I think I have noted before, I really regard these years back in the classroom after four years at the school board as a total bonus.  It's not like every minute is great and I still don't like writing report cards but I honestly have had a great learning experience here at Trudeau.  Next year my grade sixes will turn into seventh graders, and it is really nice to be able to keep going with them.

This time of the year you realize you aren't going to do everything you wanted to do, and you kind of yearn for the fresh notebooks of September.  But I look forward to giving these Grade Sevens in particular great memories to take with them.

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