Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Turning your photos into watercolour paintings-it's magic for iPad and iPhone users..

I have had so much fun this week with a new iPad app called Waterlogue.  A friend posted a picture using it on Facebook and I had to try it.  This is an app for your iPad or iPhone that enables you to change your photos into watercolours.  I have done a bit of watercolour painting and it isn't easy.  Last year I had a student who did such wonderful watercolours I couldn't believe it.  And last week when I had a nice walk at the beach I was thinking that when the weather got a big warmer I might bring a sketchbook and my watercolour pencils to the beach.  On my list of things to eventually do is take more drawing and/or painting lessons but at the moment, I am still into my knitting (on my second hat now).

But for $2.95 I can make pseudo watercolour paintings form my photographs in seconds and I even have options…there are different effects…

The first is the original photo snapped with my iPhone

This is "natural"
This is "bold"

I continue to be amazed by how well my iPhone camera works!  And I love my pictures but having this app is just too much fun!

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