Saturday, May 17, 2014

New Orleans anyone?

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I just got back from an amazing week in New Orleans.  And for more details you can read about it in my travel blog and see my many pictures!  Part of the reason I went was to attend the last International Reading Association convention to be held in May and since it was in New Orleans that was a total bonus.  I went to New Orleans a couple of times long ago when this conference was  held there and loved New Orleans.  A bonus was each time I got to spend a day at the New Orleans Jazz festival.    Unfortunately this year it had ended before the conference, but we still were able to hear lots of jazz.

What is really scary is the fact that I think I still have posts not yet published here of reviews of books I bought and sessions I attended  at last year's International Reading Association convention! Last year I wanted to go because it was my last year teaching and attending always gave me a needed boost of energy for the end of the year.

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This year I didn't have to worry about finding coverage to attend nor planning for being away.  I ended
up seeking sessions on primary as that is the age level with whom I have been mainly volunteering.  Some would ask why go to a conference when you aren't really teaching anymore but I have been involved with  this organization and literacy for many many years and in some ways these conferences are like coming home.   Each time I would go I would bring an extra suitcase to bring home all the books I would accumulate-many at cut rates and many free advance copies of novels.  There used to be amazing publisher parties but times are far leaner now!  But my friend, Donna, also retired, and I still thoroughly enjoyed attending the conference.  And I brought a fold up extra bag and despite trying to limit what I brought managed to come home with quite a few books etc.  Stay tuned to hear more! And maybe I should finish my write ups of last year's sessions!

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