Saturday, May 31, 2008

Celebrating literacy and planning for the future

Busy week-well try busy day. Tuesday we had our later literacy coordinators' meeting, then there was the high school literacy coordinators' meeting, and after school our action research school celebration. That was a tiring but exhilarating day!
Profesional development activities may not be number one on your list these busy days but you may want to check out opportunities coming up. June 20, Faye Brownlie will be doing a session for high school English and Social Studies teachers at Thompson High School on Literature Circles and Oral Language. For newer teachers or teachers wanting the Readers' Digest condensed version of Intermediate Language Arts, I am doing a summer institute in late August. Jodi and Carol have series of workshops planned for the fall, Literacy 102, as well as a book club on two of our favorite new books. If you enjoyed Paul Kropp and Lori Rogg Jamieson at our February Literacy Day, or if you missed them, they will be the speakers at LOMCIRA's fall conference on October 24. This time they will be looking at reading! To register or get more information on all these events just follow this link to the VSB's professional development site

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