Saturday, May 10, 2008

For those of you who didn't go to Atlanta...

So behind... I realized I never finished last week's entry. Here it is one week later.
Saturday morning often seems to be my blogging time! Notice how new words keep entering our vocabularies. What a week! Two retirements! Two dedicated, and I mean dedicated teachers, Sharon Bushell from Quilchena and Winola Chu from Moberly were honoured. When I talk to retireees they always note they don't miss report card writing but they do miss the comaradarie of the staffroom, that place you can pause to catch your breath in the dizzy world of teaching. Staffs often become another family to us. I know when I enter the Moberly staffroom it almost seems as if I have never left. I still value my friendships from John Grant High School (which no longer even exists) from my Montreal days.

Okay back to business. It was a dizzying week from finding better answers with Aaron's grade three/four class at Cavell to charting our way through the new Social Studies curriculum at Tecumseh to getting to use high powered microscopes to look at all sorts of organ cells and then watching grade six and seven students from McBride Elementary create poetry at UBC. The latter is a pilot project which hopefully will be expanded in the fall. Check out this link to the Science Creative Literacy Symposium. Several of my colleagues were away at the Annual Convention of the International Reading Association in Atlanta. Now for those of us who missed it you can access handouts etc. on the website. Also find out about my latest read, R5 in Your Classroom. Now I think I should move on to this week.

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