Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Christmas cards and Paperblank journals

Who has time to write a blog when she has Christmas cards to write? I do promise to blog soon again and tell you all about the great books I have been reading, mainly young adult... My policy is to read and then give them away... My other occupation seems to be baking so and yes, you can make good shortbread cookies using a food processor. Tonight's discovery.
On a more serious note, I recently discovered a wonderful Vancouver-based organization, the Nepal Library Foundation and thanks to a former colleague, Alison Bird, who is very involved with this group, we organized a sale of beautiful Paperblank journals on the fourth floor, and $1000 goes straight into this organization's work. What a great way to Christmas shop!
Don't forget to register for our school board's Literacy Day on February 20th. I am very excited about the program, and I am hoping that you will be able to support the Nepal Library Foundation as well. I am offering three new series of workshops in the new year so just check them out as well by hitting the professional development link on the side! Enjoy the snow!

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