Sunday, December 7, 2008

A helpful website for writing...

Thanks to Joanne Carlton, our newest Literacy Mentor, I discovered a very helpful website for those of you who like to use Six Traits for your writing programs. It's called The website was developed by people involved in the Northern Nevada Writing Project. Lots of great resources here. I have included a picture of Nothing Ever Happens on 90th Street by Roni Schotter because this great book was chosen as their mentor text of the year. If you haven't read the book, needless to say things start happening on 90th street and it's a great source for getting ideas for writing.
This week I am looking forward to seeing Kari Winters work with students k-5 at Van Horne. I used her delightful book, Jeffrey and the Sloth with a group of grade five students there as it's another great book to inspire writing as Jeffrey has no ideas until the sloth that he has been sketching comes to life! This led to teachers inviting Kari to speak there. I think having the opportunity to meet real writers is a great inspiration to students as readers and writers. We are also fortunate in Vancouver to have access so many great writers.

Friday, I was at a meeting of the Adolescent Literacy Network (consultants throughout the Lower Mainland)where we had a really good discussion of writing-to prompt or not to prompt, formative assessment etc. Earlier in the week, we looked at media literacy at our high school literacy coordinators' meeting. Our speaker, Wendy Chen, helped us look at different facets of media literacy and everyone was impressed by the anti-racism prize winning videos produced by our own Vancouver students and shown to us by Angela Brown.

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