Friday, January 22, 2010

Help for Haiti-at one small eastside elementary school...

Last week was kind of inspiring despite the devastation in Haiti!  Thursday, my friends, Paul and Allison Bird came in to do a presentation about the Nepal Library Association for my class.  This is a locally based organization that raises money for computers and libraries in Nepal.  Paperblank journals donates their end of the runs to the organization and then all profits from sales goes to this group.  My sixth graders sold journals before Christmas and made over 300 dollars of the Nepal Library Association.
Friday morning very early I had to go to our local high school where I heard that their presidents of their service clubs had already begun organizing a Hope for Hait campaign. That got me thinking.
Friday we had a representative from the Free the Children organization and our own We to Me club  do a presentation for our whole school that kept 350 kids from kindergarten to seventh grade enthralled, kicking off a campaign to for our school to fund raise building a school in India brick by brick.
Saturday I went to hear author and philanthropist, Greg Mortenson, talk about his work and his new book, Stones for School.  This is the second time that I heard Greg Mortenson and he was just as inspiring this time.
We had already decided Friday my grade sevens decided they would spearhead a fundraiser for Haiti and our sixth graders decided to sell more journals, raising the price a dollar and giving the extra dollar for each book to the Haiti campaign, and the rest still going to the Nepal Library Association.

Monday morning the seventh graders were rather disorganized, unfinished posters, etc. but they got it together and by today we have raised over 1000 dollars for UNICEF due to the generosity of our school community plus we have made over $360 more for the Nepal Library Foundation sine Monday.  After a bit of browbeating initially I have done very little.  The kids have faithfully made posters, done research, collected and counted money etc. I am very proud of  them.

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