Sunday, January 17, 2010

Movie review from the holidays a bit late-Invictus

Well I had good intentions of blogging during Christmas break, but guess I needed a holiday.  Last year I was very productive because I guess I was literally snowed in!  This year the weather was clear!  Now I could report on all the movies I saw!  Up in the Air, Precious, The Young Victoria, Avator, It's Complicated, and Invictus!  Quite a variety.  I love movies and going to see movies and it was one of my goals of the holiday.  I think Invictus was my favorite (of course, it was the last one I saw). 
When I was a consultant I spent quite a bit of time reading, listening, and thinking about leadership. 

At some points it seemed to me leadership was getting people to do what they didn't want to do and like it.  Watching Morgan Freeman's version of Nelson Mandela was particularly fascinating because this was something he seemed very able to do.  He found something that he thought could unite South Africans, the rugby team that had once been of symbol that black South Africans despised.  He convinced the team to do workshops with and give soccer balls to poor kids in the townships.  He used the world championship effectively as a sign that South Africa could change and come together.  I was also struck by his friendship with the captain of the team which was strong enough that Mandela was actually the godfather of Francois Piennaar's first child.  Now I know that life in South Africa is far from perfect but somehow it is refreshing to know that change is possible. Having had the opportunity to see Greg Mortenson yesterday again it was not surprising that one of his book recommendations was Long Walk to Freedom.

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