Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The joys of teacher and the frustrations of technology

Well let's see this week I couldn't get my phone to stop telling me I had messages when I didn't have messages, I was given a "box" that makes my old TV high definition but now I can't figure out how to tape shows anymore, and I keep having problems getting moodle to do what I want plus my dear old ibook G4 isn't quite up to the latest technology and I can't keep getting messages to update when the system is incapable of updating.  Someone suggested I just invite a ten year old over... and let's face it the computer is over four years old.  Part of me seems to need technology and the other part just can't quite handle it.  hm mm...

On the other hand, despite several sessions of the homework club this week and the marking and the prepping and never feeling quite on top of things, I have to say that yes, this year has been a gift and I do love it.  I have children who carry my books to and from my car, I have one student who ended up mopping the floor yesterday after school because he was bored.  They check to make sure someone is on peer helper duty, they put up the homework, they hand it out, they make me laugh, they compliment me on Funny Hair Day, they amuse me with their ads for Healthy Living, they discover the joys of reading a good book, they arrange their own field trips (even if they aren't where I necessarily want to go on).  I get to drink coffee in the staffroom and eat snacks on Wednesdays with interesting colleagues.  I have a secretary who truly loves all her students.   Plus there's Scholastic Book Club, my friend for over 40 years since I was in high school, where you can still find amazing books for reasonable prices.  I was almost late for school reading Cut by Patricia McCormick. 

So as I survey the world of 28 sixth and seventh graders aged 11-13-19 boys and nine girls from that stool that I rescued from the basement and look at their projects on the latest fadeless bulletin board paper with sky and clouds, as they read during those rare moments of hushed silence I think it's not quite time to retire. Plus then I probably would have more time for technology frustrations. 

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